Behind every successful brand is a single idea that distinguishes it from the crowd. A brand embodies everything from the story it tells and the promises it keeps, to the ideas it inspires and the emotions it ignites. Properly managed, a brand is able to increase its impact and remain memorable over time. When positioned successfully, a brand inspires action and drives real results.


Brand Assessment: review + report brand's strengths and weaknesses

Brand Story: foundational positioning statement 

Nomenclature: tag line, slogan, brand + product naming

Campaign Ideation: advertising campaigns based off of brand positioning

Corporate Boot Camp: ideation session for brands and their people


The look and feel of your brand is part of the story it tells.  

Design Services: Logos, business cards, stationary, packaging 


All Screens Media: print, broadcast and interactive channels

Advertising: print, broadcast, outdoor, point-of-sale, interactive

Websites: design, content, navigation, SEO, social media 

Marketing: brochures, sales aids, postcards, emails, videos


Smart copy in every genre throughout every medium in every genre.

Advertising: print, broadcast, outdoor, point-of-sale, interactive


Marketing: collateral, direct, email, blog, affiliate, partnership, B2B, B2C


Corporate: newsletters, manuals, proposals, corporate communications


Speechwriting: dignitaries, key note, executive

PR: press releases, events, media kits


Beautiful websites with intuitive navigation, properly written and intuitively disseminated content, and interactive graphics that come together to create engaging, memorable user experiences.

Solutions: seo, analytics, google ads, social media email campaigns


Customized Tools: stores, forms, portfolios, bookings, blogs, galleries, videos, events, social/news feeds, marketing integrations, mobile optimization




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About Sarah Belzer

Founder Sarah Belzer began her career in the television and film industries in Los Angeles, but it wasn't long before she was Shanghaied by a handful of Madison Avenue's swankiest advertising agencies (Ogilvy, Saatchi & Saatchi and Wunderman, for starters) where she worked on some of the largest brands in the world. Sarah went on to work for the internal agency at the New York Times and eventually opted for the countryside, where she continues to provide awesome stuff to brands small and large.