Looking to break into advertising? Wanna know if you've got what it takes? It's a fanciful dream, but the reality is—advertising is serious business. You'll learn everything you need to know about the wonderful world of advertising, including how to position and distinguish a brand in the marketplace, how to build affinity, trust and allegiance, and the science of decision-making.You'll learn how to put together a portfolio of work and interview with an agency, and get three months of coaching during your first few months on the job. 


You'll learn all that goes on in agency world, including how to handle clients (which are always difficult), saboteurs (which are always lurking), and most importantly you'll learn the good stuff—how people make decisions and how to create the real thing so that your work inspires action and drives results. 


Whether you're an aspiring copywriter, designer or account person — you'll learn what an agency will expect from you, and get your skills up to snuff.


You'll learn how to build an online portfolio of your work so it's available for potential employers and, ready to post throughout your social media channels. 


You'll learn how to put together your resume, write a cover letter and navigate the interview in this highly-competitive field; and handle critical moments to keep you in the game. 


Individual mentorship is conducted remotely. Once you choose a package and pay for it, you'll receive a confirmation email and a request to schedule our first meeting via Zoom. There will be reading assignments (highly suggested, but not required) that you are responsible for. You'll be able to move at your own pace, but are encouraged to move through the process within 3 months. Ongoing mentorship is included for 3 months after being hired. All services end 12-months after engagement. Refunds are not provided.