Everything a brand does should stem from a single story. One that's well-defined, relevant, memorable—and inspiredIt's your hallelujah, your Hail Mary, your "NASA, we have lift-off".  


When a brand isn't making the splash it intends—chances are it's not properly defined. Whether you’re a new brand looking for that 'one thing', or an established brand that's lost its umph—I'll take you through the paces, refine your brand's positioning, and distinguish it from the competition—until there is no competition.  









The science of


The temperature

of words.

When a brand isn’t growing, invariably it comes down to one thing: a weak positioning. Whether it’s an old brand that’s lost it’s momentum, or a new brand heading out of the gate — I position brands (small and large) so they remain relevant, meaningful and memorable.

A brand cannot ‘brand’ itself. This is something that the consumer does. We have the power only to 'position' a brand, and when done right — good things happen. 


When positioned correctly, a brand has the sound foundation it needs to build upon over time. Without this foundation, brands are apt to flounder, and too often result to spending (or wasting) marketing and advertising dollars with lackluster results. Though a brand’s visual ‘look and feel’ are also critical elements of a brand, and must reflect the brand’s positioning — the visual aspects of a brand are not the same thing as its positioning. A brand might ‘look’ great, but without a strong positioning — that is, the language behind the brand that distinguishes and differentiates it from all others, a brand will diminish instead of grow.


Imagine trying to teach 40 thousand people a song, and not giving them the lyrics. Everyone will have a different ‘idea’ about the song, and create their own story. Mayhem. Bottom line: people make decisions based on information—in about three seconds flat. These decisions are driven by perceptions and associations made on a subconscious level. Then the brain looks for relevant evidence to justify the decision its already made.

So, how does a brand ‘get there’? It’s a kind of forensic study of the brand, current industry climate, consumer expectations, and competition. It’s understanding how to position (write) copy in a manner that is at once compelling, accurate, thorough, distinguishing, and meaningful  driven by an understanding of language and the perceptions and associations that are triggered by every word. 


With the right positioning, a brand gains memory, known as ‘stickiness’, necessary to  build the affinity, trust and allegiance it needs to grow consistently. And thrive.